The CCA TRUSTLESS TECHNOLOGIES ASSOCIATION welcomes natural as well as legal persons as a member. The management board makes an unanimously decision. If the board does not reach a decision, the general meeting decides by majority vote. The same applies to the expulsion of members. The membership amounts CHF 90 p. a. for natural persons and 190 p. a. for companies. Students under 25 years are free. The membership fee can be paid in Crypto currencies. Corresponding wallet addresses are provided for this purpose. We kindly ask our members to mention their name in the transaction or to send us the transaction hash via email.

Members might get discounts for events organized by the Association or to which the CCA is invited. The members get this kind of informations via the website or by email. The management board is doing its best to provide the members with further benefits. Members also gain first-hand information.

If you apply as a member, you accept the Statutes:

Statutes of the CCA


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