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Tokenisierung im Rahmen von gemeinnützigem Engagement - eine Alternative für Vermögenswerte

Wie und wozu können traditionelle Philanthropie und moderne Technologien kombiniert
werden? Dank seiner Vorreiterrolle im Bereich der Blockchain-Regulierung bietet Liechtenstein
einen innovativen Ansatz und die Expertise, um Vermögenswerte zu tokenisieren. Erfahren Sie,
wie das Allgemeine Treuhandunternehmen und die VP Bank dadurch ein konkretes Projekt
realisieren konnten, das Jungtalente mittels tokenisierten Instrumenten unterstützt, und wie
es um die generelle Akzeptanz und Anwendung der Blockchain-Technologie steht.

Dazu diskutieren:
Dr. Thomas Nägele, Rechtsanwalt und Präsident CCA Trustless Technologies Association
Hansjörg Wehrle, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung Allgemeines Treuhandunternehmen (ATU)
Dominik Kara, Head DLT Business Engineering, VP Bank AG
Bernhard Thalhammer, CEO 89Ventures AG und Beirat DAAA Digital Asset Association Austria

Eva Komarek, General Editor for Trend Topics, Styria Media Group
Dr. Thomas Nägele
Dominik Kara
Hansjörg Wehrle
Bernhard Talhammer

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The event will be held in German.


CCA meets CONSENSUS 2024 in Austin Texas, USA

The CCA will be present at the Consensus 2023 in Austin Texas. Please contact us if you want to join or meet us.

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Point Zero Forum

The Point Zero Forum is an initiative of Elevandi and the Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance to promote a policy and technology dialogue in Financial Services.

Held annually in Zurich, Switzerland, the Forum convenes central bankers, regulators, policymakers, and industry leaders to address the latest developments in financial technology and the future of finance.

Across a series of leadership dialogues, public-private roundtables, deep-dive workshops and networking events, the Forum aims to drive confidence, adoption and growth of transformative technology and assess and promote the appropriate governance and risk frameworks.

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Korea Blockchain Week 2024

Korea Blockchain Week 2024

Founded by FACTBLOCK and cohosted by Hashed, the annual Korea Blockchain Week returns for the sixth year!

The keystone conference by FACTBLOCK and Hashed, will kick off this year’s week-long Korea Blockchain Week and will feature a comprehensive agenda with captivating panel discussions, insightful keynotes, interactive workshops, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Participants will have an extraordinary opportunity to gain valuable insights directly from esteemed industry leaders and emerging powerhouses actively shaping the future landscape.

We are in Partnership with the Event and as a CCA Member, you can apply for free or discounted tickets and join our delegation.

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The TOKEN SUMMIT not only aims at discussing the legal fundamentals at home and abroad, but also seeks to make the underlying technology "comprehensible".

What is already possible today and, above all, what makes sense? Where is the journey going, and where will the financial centers of the future be fully digitalized without financial intermediaries? Which metaverse will prevail, and how far has the technology already come? Is it all just a gimmick? Learn more from experts with many years of experience in these areas.

In 2022 we had 50+ speakers from 10+ countries, you can explore our Metaverse-Experience and our NFT-Garden and welcomed more than 500 participants from various sectors.

The TOKEN SUMMIT creates a unique NETWORKING-OPPORTUNITY, allowing you to get in touch with the Liechtenstein Blockchain-Ecosystem made up of Exchanges, Banks, Layer-1s, DAPP-Developers, Enthusiasts, Advisors, Regulators and Government officials, as well as the announced global list of speakers.


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