Association year 2022

The year twenty twenty-two was both a challenging and successful year for our association. We attended numerous events and made important advances in achieving our goal of promoting trustless technologies and the Liechtenstein legal framework TVTG. Undoubtedly the highlight of 2022 was the CCA Token Summit, which took place in October 2022 in Vaduz. This was the first conference organized by our association and despite the challenges of organizing such an international event in Liechtenstein, we are proud to report that it was an overall success, with more than 500 participant, 30 sponsors and 50 speakers from over 10 countries token summit 2022 made an important international impact. Token summit has taken it place as one of the premiere blockchain and Trustless Technology conferences in Europe. We are proud that the event was very well accepted, it featured international leaders in the blockchain space and covered the widest range of relevant and leading topics, it also attracted the largest number of visitors ever to attend a blockchain event in Liechtenstein. lt also triggered an extensive international media coverage. The presentations and panels can be found on the website

Below we list the most relevant events attended by our board in 2022, the list reflects the diversity and engagement of our members. Our participation ranged from regional events such as the Finance Round Table 2022 in Gamprin to international events such as Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas. Our presence and engagement at these events has contributed to further strengthening Liechtenstein's reputation as an important hub for companies in blockchain.

The personal experiences of our board members underline the importance and impact our association has on the blockchain industry. lt is a great pleasure to see our members sharing their knowledge and experience at various events and conferences, contributing to the growth and success of the space.


In twenty twenty-two, we also conducted the first Liechtenstein market survey. The results were discussed in the annual meeting with the Financial Market Authority (FMA). In particular, as a result of the survey, we advocated for a faster re-registration procedures and even better communication with the FMA.

Twenty twenty-two was also a successful year in terms of membership. We were able to increase our Corporate Members by 28% to 78 members. Our individual member base also increased by 36% to 72 members. Considering that this increase in membership occurred during a depressed market situation we are extremely happy with the results.

Token Summit twenty twenty-two has validated the capacity of the association to organize and execute international level blockchain events. The positive response to the Token Summit shows that our work is appreciated, and that Liechtenstein is perceived as a leading location for the blockchain industry. In this context, we would like to thank all participants, speakers and sponsors who made this event a success.

In summary, twenty twenty-two was a successful and eventful year for the CCA TRUST­ LESS TECHNOLOGIES ASSOCIATION e.V. We look forward to continuing to work with our members and partners to establish Liechtenstein as a leading location for blockchain-related companies and to expand the impact of blockchain technology in the financial industry and beyond.

We would like to thank all members and interested parties for their support in the past year and look forward to another successful 2023.




Association year 2021

The year 2021 started with the fact that the transitional period of the TVTG has ended. In principle, the spirit in this respect remained positive, since it was possible to provide the operative companies with a registration in due time. The Token Summit, which was originally planned to take place in March 2020, had to be postponed once again with no defined date in place, due to the current Corona-situation. For that reason, we have focused on representing members and participating in other events where possible in 2021. For example, on March 26, 2021, an interview on the Blockchain law and how it serves as an inspiration for Europe, took place with Thomas Nägele in Wirtschaft Regional. This was followed by an interview with Dr. Joachim Schwerin from the European Commission with the title: Liechtenstein offers great prerequisites for the token economy. This article was published in the Volksblatt on March 29, 2021. In April 2021, CCA became a member of the Blockchain Associations Forum. This organization views itself as the overarching organization of the local blockchain and crypto associations of the world. In relation therewith, Thomas Nägele participated in a call and exchanged ideas with other board members of other associations.   

In May 2021 we were asked by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority if we represent the interests of the whole blockchain industry or only a part of it, especially if we represent all of the companies that are already registered under the TVTG. We therefore sent a formal letter to the Financial Market Authority stating that we represent the blockchain industry, especially our members. However, not every one of the companies registered under the TVTG are members of our association.

In response to the letter, we were asked by the FMA to organize a conference call with all registered companies in order to discuss the implementation of the changes in relation to the travel rule in Liechtenstein, which we did successfully. This call took place on Friday, 11.06.2021, and we were able to also talk with the FMA, which was represented by Lukas Oberhammer, Fabian Hasler, and Emanuel Stadler. We discussed and presented the challenges that our industry is faced with through the regulation, and in particular the fact that the implementation thereof on the first of June brings great challenges with it for our members as well as the industry on the whole.

The Financial Market Authority presented a solution on how the industry is able to adopt the travel rule and was very open to discuss potential solutions. Then, we were asked to comment proposals and finally found a good solution for everybody. Later in the year we participated as planned in several events mostly in Europe to draw the attention to the local advantage that Liechtenstein has to offer. We attended the Bitcoin Zitadelle in Germany as well as numerous events during the Blockchain week in Dubai, where we also had a table for the CCA at the lounge event of the Crypto Oasis in Dubai, and we were able to give a speech at the Blockchance in Hamburg, in order to to speak more about the Liechtenstein Ecosystem. You will find detailed reports about these events in the appendix.